Saka Guru Pratama


Foundation name: “Yayasan Saka Guru” (the word “saka” is read “soko” with an “o” sound like the “o” in the word “Orlando”

Meaning and definition of Saka Guru
1. The main pillar of the house
2. In Merriam-Webster dictionary, pillar means a supporting, integral, or upstanding member or part

Saka Guru in Javanese Architecture has main function to support roof in a building. As Saka Guru has important function in a building, Saka Guru always become the symbol of the vigorous knowledge in supporting life.


“To become an organization that continuously innovates in developing knowledge, skills, and attitudes in order to create a better and sustainable future for the whole community.”


“Facilitating Education for Sustainable Development programs to nurture lifelong learning agents.”

 Saka Guru Pratama’s


Saka Guru Pratama Foundation founded by Sanny Djohan in January 2020 and registered in the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in the Republic of Indonesia 02/23 as a non-profit Education organization. Saka Guru Pratama Foundation focuses in human resources development and education, climate change education, science education, and scientific publications. Saka Guru Pratama Foundation aims to be a firm support for Education in Indonesia.