Saka Guru Pratama Foundation together with Office for Climate Education and SEAQIS organize a Climate Change Education Virtual Conference 23-24 February 2022 as a platform for UNESCO, IPCC, policy makers, educators and youth in Southeast Asia to come together and build an awareness of the urgency of education in adapting the climate change issues.


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Under the auspices of the Saka Guru Pratama Foundation, Kuark International produces Kuark’s Science Comics (Komik Sains Kuark). Through the Komik Sains Kuark & Kuark Science Olympia.


Komik Sains Kuark


We introduce climate change issues to 7-12 years old children. Cartoons and infographics have been used in the comics as a way of capturing the imagination and interest of children. In Komik Sains Kuark, children can learn about climate change by reading the stories, conducting fun experiments, and doing exercises involving High Order Thinking Questions. By learning climate change issues in a comprehensive way, we expect children can contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation

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Komik Sains Kuark page 3-22

Komik Sains Kuark page 23-32

Komik Sains Kuark page 35-50

Kuark Science Olympiad (Olimpiade Sains Kuark – OSK)


Kuark Science Olympiad (Olimpiade Sains Kuark – OSK) is a series of activities for elementary school children to implement what they have understood in the Kuark Science Comic. For 13 years, OSK has been a means to train children to think critically, build self-confidence, social relationships. Furthermore, OSK trains children’s problem solving skills so that they can make the right decisions and have resilience.

And most importantly, OSK encourages children to have awareness to climate change issues and taking actions.

Goals of Kuark Science Olympiad (OSK):

1. Provide an open opportunity, regardless academic attainment to every Indonesian elementary school child who wants to dedicate themselves in the field of science.
2. To motivate children, parents, teachers and schools in improving science learning.
3. To nurture an interest to science from an early years.
4. To develop critical, systematic and analytical thinking patterns.
5. To cultivate empathy and compassion for others and the environment.


External Resources

Office for Climate Education

Office for Climate (OCE) developed high-quality scientific and educational resources to support the climate change education campaign across the world. The resources proposed by the OCE and its partners include inquiry-based learning activities, such as investigation-based activities, project-based learning, role-playing games, debates, etc.

For more information about OCE, click here


Buku Pegangan Guru untuk Sekolah Dasar dan Menengah
(Terjemahan – source OCE)